\ ȯl-ˈtər-nə-tiv \ ˌä-kə-ˈpe-lə \

A musical genre comprised of fused styles (primarily pop, jazz, and soul) in which the majority of the harmonic arrangement derives from layered and manipulated vocals. 


Finding warmth in the snowy city — "Winter" is a soulful mid-tempo ballad about love in the colder months. The arrangement features swirling vocal pads and a laid back, lo-fi beat. 


A journey overseas — "Far Away Places" is an optimistic pop tune that affirms a desire for a brighter future. The eccentric arrangement seamlessly blends classic and boundary-pushing vocal production techniques.


Getting over it — "Hold My Breath" is a high-energy, idiosyncratic race to accept the fickle nature of an old lover. The harmony is dominated by a complex vocal arrangement with a unique 8-bit sound.